Global Support

Through our business relationships, the Katayama group is well positioned to provide manufacturing, design, and sales support across the world.

Our parent company, Katayama Kogyo Co., Ltd in Okayama, Japan, offers a full range of manufacturing and design capabilities for both automotive and non-automotive customer needs.  With over 55 years of experience, Katayama Kogyo is a leader in manufacturing and design excellence.

In 2014, Katayama expanded our footprint in North America by opening Katayama Mexico, SA de CV. This facility, located in Queretaro, Mexico, provides Katayama with a competitive and logistical advantage for our customers located in Mexico.

In addition to these companies, our global business relationships provide the Katayama group with door sash and trim molding production capability in Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China.  Our relationships in England and Taiwan provide the capability for door sash production.

Working as one company, we are able to satisfy the needs of our global customers.

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